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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Boys, so silly!!!

The masks are replicas of famous Mexican wrestlers, Blue Diamond and El Santo
While we were in Tijuana my dad introduced Mark to the thrilling excitement of Lucha Libre! Or Freestyle Wrestling.  While we were shopping in the plaza, they take off down a side street and come back 20 minutes later with goofy smiles and shopping bags.  We get home and they pull out their masks and start posing for the camera, they were like two boys playing. My dad finally has the son he always wanted. LoL!!

Squaring off for the match.

The first move is made, looks more like David vs. Goliath to me. :)

The Adventure Continues. . .

Morning Breakfast at on of my fave resturants in Tijuana, this was taken in there courtyard
My family and I finally had the opportunity to show Mark my second home town, Tijuana B.C. Mexico.  My mom was raised in this huge border city, growing up in San Diego, we were here often. This city is as familiar to me as any other place, there are many stories from my childhood that played out here. Mark was surprised to see how metropolitan this city is, culturally diverse and hugely populated. At the same time he was surprised to see how much poverty there is here, when just 50 miles north is San Diego with its science industry, and La Jolla mansions. I found his insights surprising, this husband of mine is too observant sometimes.  P.S. He drank the water and was fine!

Overall, we had a great time and he and my dad bonded over some new purchases. Read the next post.

This was taken at Plaza Santa Cecilia, its a busy marketplace.

I was trying to hold in my laugter, but we decided this should be the new
"Shaffer Discipline Tool"

Mark was a little hesitant to try his first "REAL" tacos in Tijuana

Tacos approved.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy 32nd Birthday

I had the pleasure to plan and celebrate my husband's 32nd birthday. I was debating between a huge, mexican style birthday party back home in CA or just the two of us celebrating. I decided to just focus on him this year and give him a special treat. I started the day by leaving work early and coming home with a ballon bouquet for his special day.
We then went out for dinner, and as my treat, I took him to a Fine Dining restaurant Ruth's Chris Steak House.
We had a great time, enjoyed a fabulous dinner with excellent service, they even placed birthday confetti on the table for him. Mark felt super special enjoying a Rib Eye steak that came from the top 2% of beef produced in this country. He also got a special birthday desert platter.
I also had made him a French vanilla cake with homemade banana custard filling and whipped topping. Yes, he also ate a slice later that night. It was quite the luscious, rich cake. First time I attempted the banana custard filling and it came out great. I love my husband and I am so glad I had the chance to give him a great birthday. I look forward to many more years of celebrating together.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Brat!

Cuddling in her favorite spot, Marks lap.
I was in the middle of doing my Statistics homework when I looked towards the living room and my gaze landed upon this scene. Penny was curled up on Marks lap drifiting in her blissful doggy way. This female is OBSSESED with my husband. We will be cuddling and she inches her way onto his lap and shoves her head under his hand for his attention. Penny will literally come between us and inches me out. Of course Mark loves all the female attention. ;)
The other side to my jealousy, how dare she love Mark more than me??!! I mean I raised and cared for the ungrateful wretch it was the two of us for 9 years.
Anyways, I am glad my dog likes my husband and vice versa but honestly she needs to back off of my cuddle time with my hubby. =D perhaps its time to get her a little friend??? hmm....

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kevin the Prius

The night we bought Kevin the Prius
Mark riding B***H. =)
We bought our Toyota Prius in December 2010 I named him Kevin and we just love him. He is perfect for living in a city and the best gas we have averaged was 48 gal per miles, we only need to fillup every two weeks. He may not be the most powerful car on the road but he is by far the smartest.
We recently made a trip to Ikea to finish outfitting Marks office and to get a sofa bed, we now have an office/guest room. Back to the point, we bought our furniture at Ikea and the dilemma arose "how are we going to get this home?" delivery was $90 with Ikea or we could rent a Uhaul van for $30 plus gas and mileage and return it back to where we got it from. We decided to put Kevin to the test, Mark folded down the seats and pushed front seats forward as much as he could. We loaded Kevin up and were able to fit an 88inch long flat box in the back. I was such a proud Prius owner, Kevin is so multi-functional and we got everything home.
Multi-functional Prius
Unfortunately Mark did not have the most comfortable ride home. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Up and Running

Hello all,
Mark and I finally got around to setting up our family blog for all the crazy moments in life. We have been married for two months now learning, growing and loving every minute of it. We are currently living in Phoenix and we just hit the start of Summer with a 115 degree weather lets see how Mark's first Phoenix summer treats him.
We love our apartment and grew our little family by bringing my dog home after Memorial Day. Its been fun and interesting to add this new dynamic to our lives but we are learning patience and persistance.
We will update with pictures and more stories as I get time.