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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Brat!

Cuddling in her favorite spot, Marks lap.
I was in the middle of doing my Statistics homework when I looked towards the living room and my gaze landed upon this scene. Penny was curled up on Marks lap drifiting in her blissful doggy way. This female is OBSSESED with my husband. We will be cuddling and she inches her way onto his lap and shoves her head under his hand for his attention. Penny will literally come between us and inches me out. Of course Mark loves all the female attention. ;)
The other side to my jealousy, how dare she love Mark more than me??!! I mean I raised and cared for the ungrateful wretch it was the two of us for 9 years.
Anyways, I am glad my dog likes my husband and vice versa but honestly she needs to back off of my cuddle time with my hubby. =D perhaps its time to get her a little friend??? hmm....

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