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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kevin the Prius

The night we bought Kevin the Prius
Mark riding B***H. =)
We bought our Toyota Prius in December 2010 I named him Kevin and we just love him. He is perfect for living in a city and the best gas we have averaged was 48 gal per miles, we only need to fillup every two weeks. He may not be the most powerful car on the road but he is by far the smartest.
We recently made a trip to Ikea to finish outfitting Marks office and to get a sofa bed, we now have an office/guest room. Back to the point, we bought our furniture at Ikea and the dilemma arose "how are we going to get this home?" delivery was $90 with Ikea or we could rent a Uhaul van for $30 plus gas and mileage and return it back to where we got it from. We decided to put Kevin to the test, Mark folded down the seats and pushed front seats forward as much as he could. We loaded Kevin up and were able to fit an 88inch long flat box in the back. I was such a proud Prius owner, Kevin is so multi-functional and we got everything home.
Multi-functional Prius
Unfortunately Mark did not have the most comfortable ride home. 

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  1. I only have to fill up every two weeks too. And if I go to IKEA and buy furniture, I don't wonder how I'll fit it in my truck. Although I will give you that my truck is exceptionally dumb. :P