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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Love and Furniture

This post is mostly about furniture, makeovers and a little about love. Love, because these makeovers would not have happened if my husband didn't love me and my crazy ideas. Love, because these makeovers would not have happened if my husband and I didn't both enjoy spending time together.
Now to the furniture. My family room had a huge gaping hole in the middle, so gaping I felt that it needed something solid and just right for our style. Mark and I love solid, well crafted pieces of furniture, and to find a new coffee table that would fit our dimensions and our design preferences. We went on the hunt and everything we liked was in the $700 to $900 range. Yowzers!!! Good taste costs money. To complicate things further I had a huge gaping space in my dining area, that was just begging to be filled. Again, we had trouble finding what we both liked. Then one night while wasting my precious beauty sleep, I was searching Pinterest and found numerous pictures of made over vintage dressers! Bingo, I found what I wanted for my dining room. It took a little convincing to bring Mark on board, mostly because I was aiming for a bright colored dresser (turquoise) eventually he saw my way, we compromised on the color, and we started the search for the perfect dresser. We scoured garage sales, antique places, junk shops, and nothing! Then a friend mentioned a used furniture store in town, and BAM! we found it. The perfect sized dresser, made in 1946, with a fan detail, and curved legs. It was the ideal fit for the dining area. Then while in the store's backroom, I was looking at some lamps and buried under a pile of lamps and small end table I found THE COFFEE TABLE!. It was an older Pottery Barn table that was bought as part of a lot. Mine now.
So take these finds, paint, spray paints, interior fabric, a few of my accessories, and a visit to Home dining room and family room are complete.
These projects were a great experience, we learned a lot, had a great time and now we are looking forward to working on some more interesting finds.
Also a small little Pinterest project to update my switch plates.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

There is no place like home!

Mark and I have truly come to appreciate having our own home, we have learned a lot as a new homeowners. The most important lesson we have learned is responsibility. I can't believe how much work goes into maintaining your own house, I seriously have a new facet of respect for my parents.
We love our little home and wouldn't change it for the world. These walls are our small piece of heaven. This place is our refuge from the world. The doggies are our source of amusement and unconditional love. My husband and I are each others strength and solace. This home is peaceful, spiritual  and content. I wouldn't trade our life for anything else in this world.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Grownup worries I never wanted.

Recently we had a serious medical situation with my mom, she suffered a stroke on Thursday Sept 20th, just 2 days before her 55th birthday. Needless to say, it has been a very emotional and stressful week for everyone. I am just grateful that we have the Gospel to hold onto in our lives, I am even more grateful for the blessings of the temple and its eternal covenants.
Considering the size of her stroke, my mom is living miracle. Thankfully the only permanent damage on her left side, arm and leg mobility, which with time and physical therapy she can and will regain full use of her limbs. The doctors moved her to rehabilitation center on Thursday Sept 27th and she started her physical therapy today. The length of her stay will depend on her determination and willingness to cooperate with her therapist. I pray everyday that the Lord will send my mom comfort and peace to accept her situation and keep moving forward.
I am grateful for all the love and support from my aunts and cousins that they have been able to provide my mom and dad. I don't think I can or will be able to fully express to my aunts and cousins, particularly Jasmine and Rose, how much I love them, admire, and appreciate what they have done for my mother. Life is changing for all of us I just hope that we can all cope with them as best as we can.

Fear and Clarity

The month of July was a very scary month for my husband and I given my encounter with a medical emergency. Briefly told, I needed my gallbladder removed. As my surgeon was so quick to point out “Your gallbladder was inflamed, scarred and the most diseased I have seen in a few years.” Needless to say my husband and my parents were very upset with me for not going to my doctor sooner for a checkup.  Anyways, I survived and I am all better now.

Before any surgery, you are taken into a pre-op area where you are prepped for the surgical team. The room is unbelievably cold; the nursing staff though kind is dispassionate and detached. The room inspires nothing but self pity, sadness and fear of the unknown. I was alone in pre-op for about half an hour before my husband found me. I was utterly alone, lost in my thoughts and I had a moment of intense, gut wrenching, heartbreaking fear and a moment of bright clarity.   

I was so afraid, laying there by myself, surrounded by people but by myself nonetheless.  I was not afraid of the pain, for I had anesthesia, or even afraid of dying. I have come to understand my own mortality and I have a deep belief of the afterlife and the continuation of my existence.  I was afraid of leaving Mark, afraid of losing all of my hopes for our future, afraid of losing the true and sincere love we both had been waiting so long for.  

My poor love was so tired, it was an ordeal for the both of us.
So there I was silently crying, when my husband walks in and it was like he brought a bright light with him. He was so strong and reassuring that everything was going to be fine. I have never had such a deep appreciation for another human being as I did in that moment for Mark. The ensuing days and weeks after my surgery I saw a new side to my husband. He does not like the sight of blood, and my scars were all stitched up, red, and angry looking. He never once hesitated to help me when I needed it, never grimaced or looked disgusted with what he saw. On the contrary his love and attraction for me was so evident, my husband helped me feel like a beautiful woman again.

Marriage is an act of faith, faith that the other person will uphold their vows of fidelity and love, faith in oneself to do the same for our spouse.  This kind of faith requires a strong, loving, kind, generous heart, a virtuous soul and a willing spirit. I know that anything worth having in this life and the next requires hard work and faith. I have faith that my husband and I will do everything within our powers fulfill all the hopes we have for our marriage and when we begin to lag, we know that God will step in and help us.

It is so incredibly sad to me to see the way society diminishes marriage and family. Values are perceived as something trite and archaic to be mocked and ridiculed. The media is the worst offender at projecting this concept.  The sudden and vicious focus on people’s lives such as recent tabloid fodder of the possible breakup of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith marriage, the circus and ridicule made of weddings and the marriage ceremony such as Kim Kardashians recent nuptials, the mocking of moments when love should be beginning between two people such as on the Bachelor, all play a part in the breakdown of values in society. The future of humanity is bleak indeed.

 I am so grateful that I have a family of my own with a man who appreciates me, our faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the good, decent, common sense and logic germinated in me by my parents.

 Perhaps every new couple should have a close brush with mortality, so they can appreciate each other.  

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Boys, so silly!!!

The masks are replicas of famous Mexican wrestlers, Blue Diamond and El Santo
While we were in Tijuana my dad introduced Mark to the thrilling excitement of Lucha Libre! Or Freestyle Wrestling.  While we were shopping in the plaza, they take off down a side street and come back 20 minutes later with goofy smiles and shopping bags.  We get home and they pull out their masks and start posing for the camera, they were like two boys playing. My dad finally has the son he always wanted. LoL!!

Squaring off for the match.

The first move is made, looks more like David vs. Goliath to me. :)

The Adventure Continues. . .

Morning Breakfast at on of my fave resturants in Tijuana, this was taken in there courtyard
My family and I finally had the opportunity to show Mark my second home town, Tijuana B.C. Mexico.  My mom was raised in this huge border city, growing up in San Diego, we were here often. This city is as familiar to me as any other place, there are many stories from my childhood that played out here. Mark was surprised to see how metropolitan this city is, culturally diverse and hugely populated. At the same time he was surprised to see how much poverty there is here, when just 50 miles north is San Diego with its science industry, and La Jolla mansions. I found his insights surprising, this husband of mine is too observant sometimes.  P.S. He drank the water and was fine!

Overall, we had a great time and he and my dad bonded over some new purchases. Read the next post.

This was taken at Plaza Santa Cecilia, its a busy marketplace.

I was trying to hold in my laugter, but we decided this should be the new
"Shaffer Discipline Tool"

Mark was a little hesitant to try his first "REAL" tacos in Tijuana

Tacos approved.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy 32nd Birthday

I had the pleasure to plan and celebrate my husband's 32nd birthday. I was debating between a huge, mexican style birthday party back home in CA or just the two of us celebrating. I decided to just focus on him this year and give him a special treat. I started the day by leaving work early and coming home with a ballon bouquet for his special day.
We then went out for dinner, and as my treat, I took him to a Fine Dining restaurant Ruth's Chris Steak House.
We had a great time, enjoyed a fabulous dinner with excellent service, they even placed birthday confetti on the table for him. Mark felt super special enjoying a Rib Eye steak that came from the top 2% of beef produced in this country. He also got a special birthday desert platter.
I also had made him a French vanilla cake with homemade banana custard filling and whipped topping. Yes, he also ate a slice later that night. It was quite the luscious, rich cake. First time I attempted the banana custard filling and it came out great. I love my husband and I am so glad I had the chance to give him a great birthday. I look forward to many more years of celebrating together.