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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Love and Furniture

This post is mostly about furniture, makeovers and a little about love. Love, because these makeovers would not have happened if my husband didn't love me and my crazy ideas. Love, because these makeovers would not have happened if my husband and I didn't both enjoy spending time together.
Now to the furniture. My family room had a huge gaping hole in the middle, so gaping I felt that it needed something solid and just right for our style. Mark and I love solid, well crafted pieces of furniture, and to find a new coffee table that would fit our dimensions and our design preferences. We went on the hunt and everything we liked was in the $700 to $900 range. Yowzers!!! Good taste costs money. To complicate things further I had a huge gaping space in my dining area, that was just begging to be filled. Again, we had trouble finding what we both liked. Then one night while wasting my precious beauty sleep, I was searching Pinterest and found numerous pictures of made over vintage dressers! Bingo, I found what I wanted for my dining room. It took a little convincing to bring Mark on board, mostly because I was aiming for a bright colored dresser (turquoise) eventually he saw my way, we compromised on the color, and we started the search for the perfect dresser. We scoured garage sales, antique places, junk shops, and nothing! Then a friend mentioned a used furniture store in town, and BAM! we found it. The perfect sized dresser, made in 1946, with a fan detail, and curved legs. It was the ideal fit for the dining area. Then while in the store's backroom, I was looking at some lamps and buried under a pile of lamps and small end table I found THE COFFEE TABLE!. It was an older Pottery Barn table that was bought as part of a lot. Mine now.
So take these finds, paint, spray paints, interior fabric, a few of my accessories, and a visit to Home dining room and family room are complete.
These projects were a great experience, we learned a lot, had a great time and now we are looking forward to working on some more interesting finds.
Also a small little Pinterest project to update my switch plates.

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